Shooting outdoors? Use that sunscreen!

After an annual skin cancer check, I was told I have a Stage 1A Melanoma on my right forearm. It’s actually no big deal. A 30 minute procedure next week should clear out the cancer and no further treatment is required. They do advise more frequent full body skin cancer checks going forward. The recurrence rate appears to be 2-3% so extremely low.

I feel like I should be freaking out. Instead I’ll just publish this as a reminder that if you are going to be in the sun, use your sunscreen. I love to spend an afternoon on an outdoor range. I just need to add sunscreen to my list of other protective devices. So now the check list is: eyes, ears & skin.

3 thoughts on “Shooting outdoors? Use that sunscreen!

  1. Update: “no big deal” is going to leave a 4 inch scar down my forearm. I watched most of the surgery and kept thinking… “you need to stop watching, that’s pretty disturbing”. I’ll spare you pictures since I couldn’t take them one handed. Maybe when I change the bandages. LOL.

    Doc says no shooting for at least two weeks them see how I’m healing. I don’t think anyone every asked him about that sport before. I’m hoping to shoot the next Wake Action Pistol match in exactly two weeks (a few hours after I get the stitches out).

  2. My uncle had skin cancer and our family has since been religious about applying sunscreen outdoors. I love shooting at outdoor ranges but it’s the long days of fishing that really get me. Hope you’re doing better by now. – Carl

    • Thank you for your comment. I have an interesting scar, but I think by next year it will have mostly faded. Take care and enjoy fishing!

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