One step forward, two steps back

I shot my XD9 last week at the range. I was really focused on my grip and not adjusting my hands between shots. I’ve not been able to do that but I know it’s critical to placement and speed. So instead of reserving the action range, I just grabbed a lane and sent the target out about 10 yards.

I placed both hands on the pistol with serious focus on position and grip. I slowly pulled the trigger and… the entire gun flew out of my weak hand. Huh?? I didn’t just have to adjust the grip, I needed to replace the hand on the gun. That had not happened before.

I experimented, tweaked, focused, and things really didn’t improve. I ran through almost 100 rounds, packed up my range bag and headed home. Big sigh. Most trips to the range I leave with a smile and a giggle, but this time I left disappointed.

Maybe I was tired? Maybe I have spaced and forgotten something critical? I’m just not sure. But I know I’ve done better in the past and so I just have to trust that if I stick with it, I’ll  do better in the future.