That hair…

I came to shooting through my interest in disaster¬†preparedness. I have been following several blogs over the last few years and when I saw this article it made me chuckle:¬†Post Apocalyptic Hair Styles. It’s a girl thing, I know…

I have long hair and I like it. I’ve found ways to keep maintenance at a minimum over the years. When I ventured into shooting, just as with several other past interests, I had to think about how to ensure it didn’t cause a problem.

One long braid in the back works well with a hat. []

A day of shooting paper at the range doesn’t really require too much thought about my hair. When I plan to draw from concealment, getting and keeping my hair out of the way matters.

One long braid down the back is the fastest and easiest solution. I make the effort to get creative at times and will post some of those photos in the future.

It turns out a single braid down the back works very well with a hat. When I shot my classifier I had not thought about dealing with bright sunlight. When Frank suggested a hat, the braid fit great through the gap in the back.

Other styles I like work fine with earmuffs, but would not work with the hat. So this will be the default outdoor shooting style for me.