1911 is back!

On 5/14/15, three weeks and 1┬áday after I sent my 1911 to S&W with a request to repair a “failure to extract” issue, FedEx rang my door bell and I signed for my gun. I happened to be home with an appliance repair contractor and that saved me a drive to the FedEx facility. FedEx will not leave the package unless they get a signature. It has a gun inside so that makes perfect sense, even if it is incredibly inconvenient in most cases.

There were 3 pages of paperwork included. The net:

  • Replaced extractor
  • Replaced extractor Spring

No mention of any funds due. I asked my gunsmith how this works and he said they would call if they were going to charge me to repair – to get authorization for the charges. No call was good news. Getting the gun back was better news.

I had plans to shoot with a friend at the Wake County Range that night so of course I took the 1911 with me. I only put 20 rounds through it as I needed to get in practice time with my H&K, but there were no malfunctions. Excellent.