Carry in the Console of the Car

The XDS in the center console of a my car

The XDS in the center console of a my car

When I buy something, I like to use it. I’m up to four 9mm pistols at this point and I’m going through a process of deciding where each “fits” in my life — or whether to sell one of them.

  • I’ve parked the H&K in my bedroom. It’s the only gun I have with night sights.
  • When I bought the 1911 it replaced the XD9 as my competition gun (for now). I tried putting the XD9 in the car, but I wanted it in the center console. It’s too big. I can’t really reach the glove box quickly but I can pop the center console and access items next to me fast. So the XD9 went back in my range bag as a back up competition gun.

I have  a CCW but I haven’t gotten comfortable carrying a loaded gun on my body outside of the range or competitions. So I decided my next baby step would be to carry in the car.

If you’ve been reading you know I bought the XDS in 9mm. It’s a perfect fit for the glove box. I took the holster that came with the gun and attached it to a heavy CD case (metallic blue with a zipper in the photo) using a rubber band in order to test out the concept. The holster keeps the gun upright and centered. The CD case keeps the holster in place when I draw the gun. I practice drawing at least once a day now and I’m happy with this system. I just want to find something more reliable than a rubber band to make it work.

The next time I’m at The Range and it’s fairly empty and dry, I will try driving my car out into a bay and practice a S L O W draw with a transition to shoot through the driver’s window and or passenger window.

At this point I have questions. So if you are reading and you are willing to share:

  • Do you carry in your car? Why or why not? 
  • Where do you carry?
  • Do you leave the gun in the car full time or remove it once you are home?

I have many conversations with shooters but never with a consistent mentor and this is the kind of thing I will figure out on my own, but would really like pointers.


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  1. I carry a CZ75 in my truck when I’m working. I have a paddle holster that slips over the pocket in the door which makes it handy for quick access. I always remove my gun from vehicle. Last thing I want is to have someone break into my vehicle at night and steal a gun that may be used later in a deadly crime.

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I was more concerned about heat and cold but your point is valid. I’ve been broken into before and anything in the passenger compartment of value was taken.

      I chose the console as it’s on my strong side and concealed but still easily accessible. I’ll have to check out possibilities with the door pocket as well.

  2. Sadie-

    Yes we (the Mrs and I) carry in the car…We both have holsters mounted on the underside of the steering column on each vehicle. We also have lock boxes mounted in both vehicles for when we are in a gun free zone. If we cannot carry where ever we are it goes in the lock box or in the house when we are home.

    I would definitely NOT recommend leaving a weapon in a glove box or center console unattended (even it they have locks). These are the first places potential thieves will look for valuables and the locks can be easily broken with a screwdriver.



    • Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. My console doesn’t lock and as you said the lock would be nothing to anyone who has already been willing to bust out a window.

      i disconnected the trunk latch years ago to make it impossible to pop the trunk from the passenger compartment. I had a break in and was cleaned out once. Lesson learned. Future break-ins netted the thieves nothing more than spare change.

      The prompts the question: Why a lock box in the trunk?

        • I read your comment again and I think I answered my own question. You said: “We also have lock boxes mounted in both vehicles for when we are in a gun free zone.”

          I think the lox box allows you to open/access the trunk while still having the gun secured in area where carry is not allowed. Is that correct?

          Is the lock box permanently attached to the trunk in some way or is it a box you can move from the car to the house?

          • Thank you! That is very helpful. This is the first time I’ve seen anything that I believed would be secure in the passenger compartment. And I know from experience that you do not want to park then put valuable in the trunk. I need to pick up one of these.

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  4. I carry the XDS .45 in a sticky holster and jam it between the seats….I cover it with a towell…..when I exit the car I will have my pocket carry or another gun in a holster….the .45 goes in a backpack and goes in the trunk.

    • Bob, Thanks for sharing what works for you. I am realizing that keeping the gun in a holster at all times, and keeping the trigger covered is the safest way to move the gun around. This gives me more ideas.

  5. I like your thinking. At one time I used to buy guns just because I liked them. Got to be very expensive and required a lot of gun safes. Now all my guns work. I have both semi auto and revolver pocket guns. The same for my belt guns and the same for my home defense guns. I have guns for the car and NAA Mini revolvers for my bathing suit, BUG or sticking into nooks and crannies. I have guns for all manner of clothes. All my guns get carried at some time or do duty in one of four handgun safes scattered about the house.

    • I agree. I don’t see the point of buying something and letting it age with no use. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Just a quick note.. was reading someone’s posts about traveling with firearms.. this (or something similar) is what they used.

    I hope the link works.. if not, it’s a Bulldog car/personal vault. Comes with a cable to attach it to a hard point in the car. Not the best thing out there, I suppose, but reasonably priced.

    Haven’t shot in forever.. how about you? 🙂

  7. I don’t carry a gun in the car because I have small kids…4 under the age of 6. However, after reading this I think I might buy a small lock box and a smaller carry gun to go in it…maybe something like the LCP.

  8. just found your blog & I like your approach. I surprised myself a year ago (Feb 2013) when I decided to get a handgun. At the time it was something my husband & I could do together. (due to crazy professional schedules, we are usually apart most of every day & many nights too.) But after I got my CCP I found out I LOVED.My.Gun. It was “my baby”. We were inseperable. (still are.) If I am dressed & outside my house, she’s with me; if I am inside my house, she’s within arm’s reach at all times, waking or sleeping.

    That being said- I almost never leave my gun in the car. For one thing, our weather here tends to extremes & I’d be unsure how reliably it’d function after spending 2 hours or more in heat or cold. found THAT out the hard way when I first qualified! gun was cold (keeping it open &ready on the range awaiting my turn to fire), ammo was warm (in my pocket in a reloader). Did not work well!! …also, while theft isn’t a big problem here it does happen, & it has happened to me. Didn’t lose a gun- just my purse – but I’d hate to lose my baby.

    There are very few times I actually go into a place where my handgun is not allowed. In my state, those darn “no firearms allowed here” signs do have legal weight & must be respected. I try hard to just avoid those establishments but it isn’t always possible. I do have a small metal case that locks with a combination, & I can cable it to the body of the car. I used to cable it to the frame below the driver’s seat – it made stowing & retrieval so easy – BUT a Sheriff told me that was bad. Law enforcement would see that as easy access for me to put them in danger! so – on the 3-5 times a year when I have to travel into a state that doesn’t respect my permit, I (legally) put the gun into the lockbox, cable it to the frame of the REAR storage compartment (my car has no trunk, it’s all one big happy inside area), and thence inside the spare tire compartment. You’d have to know where to look, cut the cable, & decode the combination to get at my baby.

    • Thanks for reading! My car has a trunk, but getting out of the car to un-holster and stash a gun just doesn’t still well with me. I want a place to stash the gun and prevent theft that is still inside the car. I will double check local laws after reading your post. It’s great that you have a supportive spouse! I’m learning / doing this solo and there are times I wish I had a “live in” mentor or supporter. On the flip side, “my house, my rules” and I’m glad I have that option.

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