Ladies Handgun League: Advanced Shooter Drills

Don't hit the good guy! (ie: the front plate). All shots one handed at 15 feet.

Don’t hit the good guy! (ie: the front plate). All shots one handed at 15 feet.

I attended the monthly gathering of the the Wake Country Ladies Handgun League (LHGL) last Saturday. I opted to shoot the advanced shooter drill as I wanted practice time and I wanted a challenge.

The drill this month was to shoot one handed then switch to the other hand. We didn’t use a holster for this drill, just picked up the gun from the bay table.

We started with 7 rounds loaded in the magazine and shot 4 strong hand, transferred the gun to the  weak hand and finished up the last 3 shots.

Turns out the hard part of the transfer is getting the thumb of the shooting hand out of the way of the transfer hand. At least, that was my challenge.

I moved onto full magazines and transferring every 2 shots to practice the pass between hands. I realized after the fact that I may have gotten better results as neither hand was over tired by holding the gun for longer strings of shots.

To up the “ante” a bit, we overlapped paper plates, designated the front plate a non-threat (using IDPA terminology) and attempted to hit the back plate without “hurting” the non-threat. I posted a photo of my initial results with the first two magazines. No hits to the non-threat!

I used my XDS in 9mm for this exercise. I think the targets were out at about 15 feet.

To qualify for the advanced shooter drills with the LGHL you have to pass a basic gun handling safety test and a basic accuracy test with your shooting. It provides more challenge than just shooting downrange and adds skills to practice.