S&W warranty work: call, don’t email

It’s been a month sent I sent email to S&W asking about the missing grip bushings and screws. See history here. So Monday I took time away from work to call them. And wait on hold because all their customer service reps were busy.

When I finally got a rep on the phone, he was upbeat, helpful and¬†apologetic. I’ve worked in a support organization and I understand that he can only control what happens going forward. I gave him the original order number, he did a bit of research and told me they would put the bushings and two kind of screws in the mail. They were not back ordered. So expect them in a few weeks.

Weeks? It’s a good thing I’m only getting these in case I want to resell the gun and restore it to the original grips. I made the original call on this claim before Thanksgiving.

In any case, emailing S&W appears to be a complete waste of time. If you need to reach out to them for a warranty issue, pick up the phone.