Got the bushings and screws from S&W!

In the final post about the 1911 Grip Saga, I received the replacement bushings and two kinds for screws to fit the original 1911 grips on April 2nd.

Original 1911 Grips and hardware - including a hex wrench.

Original 1911 Grips and hardware – including a hex wrench.

The grip screws came with the hex heads, but the fellow I spoke with on the phone sent me a set of screws which could be removed with a regular slotted screwdriver. I tossed it all in an envelope with the hex wrench my gunsmith gave me for the original screws. Now if I want to sell this gun, I have everything needed to restore the original grips, if desired.

Total time from the first call until the warranty claim was fully addressed: about 3 1/2 months. I know they are slammed due to the current political climate, but I’m glad I wasn’t in a hurry.

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2 thoughts on “Got the bushings and screws from S&W!

  1. Was looking up the range web site when I noticed your blog. First let me say I believe I was at Caswell the first time you shot there. I remember a young woman talking to Bev about being her first time there. Glad you enjoyed your experience, Bev and Dean are good people. As you said in your one blog each of us has their own opinion on what guns are the best and my personal opinion is for the 1911. I have two I shoot, an STI Trojan 9mm and a colt gold cup 45. I really like them both. If you ever want to shoot them let me know and I will make sure I have both with me. Oh by the way I looked up link to WRAL about who has ccw permits, can’t believe they list them. Here is another shooting sport for you to check out SASS cowboy action shooting, if you haven’t already read about it. By the way I’m a marksman that shoots like a novice but enjoys it like I’m a distinguished master

    • Hey Rich!
      Thanks for stopping by. And although I don’t really identify as a “young woman” at 50+, I do feel young at heart! My 1911 is growing on me. If I could just get through an entire match without a malfunction I might learn to trust it. I’m at 2,500 rounds and still had a double feed last night at the IDPA match at PDHSC. Boo! Hiss!

      The WRAL site lists the # of permit holders per street, so if you live on a long street, you are not as exposed. Or if you are on a short street with 90+ units, it’s not so obvious who has a permit. However, I feel it’s irresponsible journalism. Period.

      Thanks for the pointer to SASS. I met a lady down at the Wake County range who is very heavily into SASS. For now I want to improve my defensive skills, although the costuming and pageantry that’s part of SASS sounds fun.

      And most importantly, I agree that Beverly & Dean up as Caswell are good folks!

      If we cross paths at another match, please say hello!

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