So you feel strongly about that?

I still feel like I’m drinking from the fire hose most days when I talk to people who have been shooting for years. I really, really appreciate a few of my mentors who will let me ask questions and slow down or back track to give me more detail about something they take for granted.

That said, I’ve learned not to ask if I’m not willing to listen to the answer. And “gun people” can be very, very opinionated. There are several debates I’ve run across over and over in the short time I’ve been researching forums that are a source of never ending argument. For example:

– 9mm vs. .45cal
– 1911 vs. all other handguns
– Glock vs. all other handguns

If I ask a dozen people the same question, I’ll get a dozen different answers and at least 5 of those will assure me their answer is the “right” answer. It can be frustrating and maddening. They can’t all be right.

I realized that the answers to these questions are ultimately personal. One comment I read on a forum put this into perspective for me: “Your question is akin to asking which underwear will fit you best.”

I continue to read, ask and consider. But I’ve come to understand that no one can make these decisions for me, and reading with never give me answers. I need to make a decision and move forward. Based on the experience I gain I can determine if that was a good decision for me.