Plans to shoot an IDPA Classifier

I’ve shot 3 IDPA matches and each time I’ve been in the “unclassified” group. At the last competition I was dead last. Though I completed all 6 stages and there were folks who left early. So to keep my head in the game I take a bit of pride that
– I showed up and I’m working on my skills.
– I’m not a quitter. I finished the course of fire.

In the training class I recently attended, I learned that you have to shoot a “classifier” to be put in a class of shooters. In theory those are the people you are competing against. I tend to look at all the scores to see what’s possible but it might be nice to compete against others that are in a comparable place. So last week I decided to figure out how to get classified.

The only place to shoot a classifier is about an hour away at a range I’ve never been to in Oxford, NC. It’s called “The Range” and it turns out they hosted Nationals this year. Never saw that coming… My sister lives in Oxford so I’m familiar with the town. It’s a small town (less than 10,000 people at the last census) with a lot of history, but it’s not the place I would picture a national event. That was before I started shooting, eh?

I called Frank, the owner and asked about shooting a classifier. Turns out business is good for Frank and he doesn’t run classifiers on the weekend at this time. He told me to come up during the week. I picked a day then realized that this is an outdoor range. I called back and asked him if it mattered if it was raining. Frank said “If you want to shoot in the rain, I’ll run the timer.” Nice guy. I’m not that hard core.

Today is clear and I’ll be headed to Oxford about 3pm. A new range, new people to meet, and as a bonus, dinner with my sister after the Classifier.